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Casino Baccarat

The Glamorous Casino Baccarat Casino baccarat can certainly be very intimidating when it comes to your social standing. I can only imagine what it would be like to play among such a crowd and being treated like one of the most important people in the entire casino. What a feeling that would be... ok, I'm going off topic. One of the main reasons why most people avoid baccarat is because of the high betting requirement and sometimes even because of the atmosphere that's saturated with supremacy. Not everyone is comfortable in such environments and few can afford to place $500 on a single bet. If you explore some of the casinos in Las Vegas, you'll soon find that this is far from over-exaggeration. In fact, there are some casinos that employ as much as $1000 for a table minimum. Not exactly pocket change to most of us, is it? There are few casinos that offer lower betting limits, but they can be hard to find. I would suggest to try and find one, though; it's well worth it.

Standard Baccarat Table The image to the left illustrates a table used to play casino baccarat. It's size compares to about three blackjack tables, and consists of two identical ends and a middle area for the croupier. Players would assume their position at numbers one through fifteen (omitting the unlucky 13) and would make all bets in correspondence to their location at the table. The croupier is positioned in the middle area closest to the numbered boxes, which are used to track how much commission each player owes the house. A fancy velvet rope is often used to separate the casino baccarat play area from the rest of the casino, suggesting the idea that the game is only intended for 'important' individuals. Everyone in this elegant room receives special treatment, enough to make you believe that you really do have all the money in the world even if you don't. The croupiers are dressed up in tuxedos and an abundance of free alcohol is just a snip of the fingers away in an environment that can simply break you away from reality. Anyone with a need for luxury is an easy target.

There is no doubt that casino baccarat is the best way to enjoy the game if you have the money that is. If the budget is a little low, however, there are other options. Online baccarat as well as the mini version are also great ways to enjoy the same rules and similar odds, but without putting as much at stake. And, as I said earlier, if you try hard enough you can land at a real baccarat table with affordable betting requirements and that's such a great experience...