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Mini Baccarat

Some of you might have heard of the mini version of baccarat, although it's a rarity at most casinos. Before this version emerged, there was a desire for middle class individuals to partake in the game; they couldn't play the standard baccarat games, since some of the bets were more than they earned in a month. By using only part of the standard table, dropping the betting requirements and using only one croupier, mini baccarat was created.

Fundamentally the same as the standard game, mini baccarat has quickly gained the interest of many players; it gave them the opportunity to play a game that was out of their reach before. Without the high betting limits or the pressure of the formal dress code, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and the formerly prevailing intimidation factor is non-existent. The table is much smaller than the one used in standard baccarat, giving the game a less daunting aura. In fact, only one end of the original table, the size of a blackjack table, is used to play the mini version. The croupier, of whom there is only one present, resembles the other casino employees and assumes a central position to allow for better access to all areas on the table. Quite a talent, wouldn't you say?

Mini Baccarat Table The graphic to the side depicts what a mini baccarat table looks like. There are seven places that can be taken up by players, each having three betting areas. When betting on the player, you would place your chips in the red-circled area, to bet on the bank, you would place your chips in the yellow-circled area, and to bet on a tie, the chips would have to be placed on the white number just above the bank betting area corresponding to your seat. At the very top is the chip rack and just below are seven numbered areas that are used to keep track of IOUs, or the commission that the players owe. The numbers correspond to the number of the players' seats at the table.

The best place to find mini baccarat is actually online. There are a number of different sites that offer free baccarat and some which require you to pay a certain amount first. Online casinos, in particular, are the best place to look for mini baccarat or even the standard version of the game; you're always guaranteed to find it - well, most of the time, anyway. While land-based casinos employ games that are the most popular, online casinos have them all, the reason being that there aren't as many space limitations online. But, that's a totally different topic. Just trust me on this one.